Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dazzling Scraps... Will Be Back!

I am sorry that some of you may think that DS
has gone under.
But NO.. we haven't.
We hired someone to install a mod for us in the store.
Needless to say... this person was infected as it shut down both of her stores..
no one else was having any kind of issues.
So the mod was installed.. BUT it wouldnt work!
So after the 4th day, we asked for a refund.. strang things were beginning to happen at this point but we had no idea what we were up against.
This person gave us a refund and also informed us that her store was hacked.
She said she did not infect our store...
now both of her stores are down with this... as I found what it was... by scanning files..
It has infected the store and the topsites.
So now... we are removing the store, BUT having it all re-installed.
When we re-open...
The store will be FREE and CLEAN from anything!
BUT you might still see a warning from google.. as this takes a few weeks to get removed.
The topsites will be removed and not brought back as security is very weak on those and we do NOT want to go through this again.
So dont go to the store right now tho...
we will let you know when we are open again as you will see ads and advertisements!!
Thank you to all the loyal customers of DS !!

Graphics by:Tammy's Scraps