Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am totally addicted to this movie and the books!
I have all... It really inspired me to make this kit,
I could make many
Hope you like it! I have alot of time in it.
This kit is available in both sizes and is in stores now!
Kit includes::
3 Labels with hearts
1 black rose
1 red rose
2 strands of ropes with hearts in it
2 half flowers
2 Vase
1 word " Forever Yours" in silver
2 Round Boa Frames
2 Square Boa Frames
1 Book cover for photo
2 Chainlinked hearts
2 crosses
3 Double stitched hearts with ribbon
3 fancy Bows
3 feathers
2 frames with ribbon wrap and dangling heart
4 Heart Brads
2 Dangling Hearts silver with color bead
1 Moon and clouds
1 Silver Sword
1 Double Swords with Roses and Bow
Small Glitter, hearts
1 Chain Linked Fence
3 Long Belt Tags
1 Tall candle
1 tree
1 Dove
4 Winged Buttons
3 cloth Word Tags
1 silver word"Do I Dazzle You?'
1 silver word " Your number was up the day I met you"
2 Hearts Stitched at both ends
2 short candles


Graphics by:Tammy's Scraps