Monday, March 9, 2009

Sorry.. didnt make the Train!! >>UPDATE<<

Hello everyone, I am sorry But I was unable to make the train on time. I have had a rough few weeks and today put the iceing on my cake! I know everyone is wondering what happened to me.. I am still here but so much here at home is going on and with the stores.. its all tooooo much right now. I thought I was gonna make the train but... noway possible this time.. sorry ladies! I feel bad about it! Hope things to return somewhat normal soon! As I am burned out with the stores and home... Thank everyone for all the awards... I did read them but I dont have time to collect all of them right now and pass them back out. I havent seen my blog in about a week or longer actually. I just cant keep up. Thanks to all my ct members.. I love all the tags.. I have several that I havent got to post.. and I am sorry but they are all wonderful!! Thank you ! Hopefully someday I can get you all another new kit to work with! Off to bed... hope to wake up to a better day!
Night all....


Tiggs said...

Awwwwwwww Hun :( Big HUGS to you!!! Hope Everything gets better soon!!! xxoo

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