Monday, December 1, 2008

My Macaws !

The above is my Greenwing Macaw..... yes baby! In this pic she was about 5 months old, now she is 7 months old. This is "AWHOOBIE" She named herself. And she loves to say "whoo!!!" LOL... She is very sweet and is still being hand fed by me. She is a cuddle bug! She lays on her back for me to rub her tummy and she puts her head on me to cuddle. If I walk by her play stand... I am willing to put money on it that she lands on me! This baby just thinks I can cuddle with her all the time! She tells me she loves me all day too! And let me tell you... this baby is loud! These birds are NOT for people who live in an apartment or close houses.

The above baby Blue and Gold Macaw is... Lala. Not sure if you can tell but Lala is a much smaller breed of macaw. She is my sweety! She only likes me and she will let you know that too ! She talkes pretty good but is still very young so she will talk more as she gets older. She is under 2 years old. Lala loves to take showers, but not direct water bath. She tells me hi and hello all day! She lives to be loved by me. If I have ice-cream... I have to share or she will and she dances for me. Now maybe some will understand why I get so distracted! Not to mention the 4 dogs that own me too! Busy mommy here!


Graphics by:Tammy's Scraps